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Bug#366730: qla1280 bugfix in limbo?

>>>>> "Scott" == Bailey, Scott <scott.bailey@eds.com> writes:

Scott> Just tuning in briefly to report: 1. I have been running my
Scott> 3-processor Alphaserver 4100 with Ian's patch
Scott> http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6275 for a little
Scott> over a month now, first with 2.6.16 and now with 2.6.17, and it
Scott> continues to work like a champ. I very much would like to see
Scott> this fix incorporated into the Debian kernel or preferably
Scott> upstream, since my DLT drive is pretty much useless without it.

Scott> 2. Unfortunately, I see no sign that anybody has looked at the
Scott> kernel bugzilla report above.

The problem is that the person who submitted it didn't bother CC'ing
the driver maintainer so nobody was aware of the bug being in

I just discovered it today and I just plan to test it before I push it


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