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Re: Version for etch 4.0 release?

maximilian attems wrote:
>> I got a question from the openvz upstream people on which version
>> of the kernel that will be released as the version in etch. Do you
>> know if it will be 2.6.17 or if any later version may be used?
>> Assuming that the release date sometime in december still holds.
> yes 
> didn't you read latest debian weekly use there is the pointer to
> the annoucement by fs? ;)
> -> http://lists.debian.org/debian-kernel/2006/08/msg00413.html

If 2.6.18 should not be the final kernel, would the kernel team feel
comfortable with backporting the vDSO randomization for 2.6.17?
I would like to see that in Etch.


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