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Mass kernel udeb building solution

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taken place; please respect it or reply to a different list if your reply 
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On Sunday 13 August 2006 19:14, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> Last I use kernel-wedge, and this is ~2 years ago now, you could build
> all kernel udebs on a single arch with the help of a little wrapper
> script. Did somone break that?
> Rewrite that script.

I have just written a new wrapper script for the 'kernel-wedge build-all' 
command to allow me (or another D-I release manager) to relatively 
quickly [0] rebuild and upload the kernel udebs for all architectures.

My intention is that this script is _only_ used after kernel updates where 
the kernel major/minor numbers have not changed. It should possibly _not_ 
be used if the changelog lists changes in configs that could affect 
module inclusion for d-i.

This means that in future d-i porters should only need to do the initial 
upload (including the check for changes in modules and/or kernel-wedge) 
after an upstream kernel major/minor release.
The D-I release managers should be able to handle all updates after that.

The script only supports 2.6 and automatically downloads the new kernel 
images. It includes various sanity checks to avoid accidentally uploading 
builds based on "old" versions.
I will probably extend the script to (optionally) also manage the 
changelog entries for an update. I also plan a check that an architecture 
was not already uploaded very recently.
The script currently lives in my people dir in SVN [1], but I will 
probably move it to the scripts directory when it has proven itself.

My thanks to Goswin for the various pointers that were hidden in this 
discussion; they have helped a lot in writing the script.

Although I have not read all posts in the thread completely, I have 
skimmed most. It was nice to see that a relatively independent person 
basically has the same objections to Sven's proposal as Joey Hess, I and 
also Steve Langasek have been giving for over a year now (although 
presented with much more patience, for which my compliments).

This thread has also again shown that Sven is not really interested in 
discussing the issue, but only in pushing his own agenda.

Anyway, I hope that my script (which I had been intending to write for 
some time already) will allow us quicker response time on kernel 
(security) updates.
It also partly relieves the d-i porters of a task that we've always 
acknowledged is somewhat boring and could possibly be partly automated. 
Allow me to hope the time that's freed up will be used for additional 
testing of the installer ;-)


[0] All things are relative: it still either requires serious bandwith or
    patience for uploading...
[1] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/d-i/people/fjp/massbuild?op=file&rev=0&sc=0

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