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Re: Move of update-grub and grub-install to /usr/sbin

Geert Stappers <stappers@debian.org> writes:

>> RM team, is ok to me go forward with it?
> I think the above misses the _why_
> The announce only mentions the new, the proposed, location.
> I'm happy with the removal of the full paths, but not happy with /usr/sbin
> Please allow to "grub install" _without_ the filesystem _/usr mounted_.
> So either move it to /bin or /sbin, both are mounted when in single user
> mode (as mostly used for recovery)

You don't need grub-install to install grub and usually, when
something gets wrong, you use the grub console to workaround the

grub-install and update-grub uses binaries provided by /usr/bin and
won't work anyway.

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