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Bug#382013: Bug#382016: installation: kernel 2.6.15 does not work, after upgrading some packages.

On Tue, 8 Aug 2006 17:35:43 +0200 maximilian attems wrote:

> reassign 382016 initrd-tools

> ah there is the requested info sorry for not having connected your
> mails. that is an initrd-tools failure no idea why the initrd.img
> for 2.6.15 was generated with initrd-tools.
> yes initrd-tools is known _broken_. you'd better use initramfs-tools


Are you certain this is the user explicitly choosing to use a broken
ramdisk generator? If not then please do not so hastily reassign -
especially since that tool is expected to die soon, and with it all
bugreports filed against (or reassigned to) it.


Could you please provide the content of /etc/kernel-img.conf - and also
tell us if you've run some custom ramdisk-building scripts yourself, in
addition to the stuff done automatically by the kernel image postinst

Also, do you have lilo installed? Do you use it, or do you use GRUB or
another bootloader?

 - Jonas

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