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Bug#382013: Bug#382016: installation: kernel 2.6.15 does not work, after upgrading some packages.

Frans Pop a écrit :
On Tuesday 08 August 2006 12:59, Jean-Michel wrote:
This continue the bugreport sent few minutes ago.

Please do *NOT* follow up to an existing bug report by filing a new one!
I'm forwarding this information to your original report and closing this new one.
I agree with the idea, however:
my kernel 2.6.12 was not running with my (X windows based) mail client.
my kernel 2.6.15 was not running at all.
kernel 2.6.16 was not installed.

So I did not have any way to reply to you by mail, even if, now, I have find a workaround with:
* installing kernel 2.6.16
* and reconfiguring lilo to boot it
* reading the ReadMe.Debian to know how to use module assistant to compile eagle-usb
* dirty-patching eagle-usb source
* to make it compile  with kernel 2.6.16
* and then installed it
* and find the good control sequence to load module and firmware and ppp
* to make USB-ADSL internet work,
* to have a mail client to reply to you.

This was nothing easy for me.

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