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ir-kbd-gpio.ko missing from kernel images

Hi All

I'm trying to get the infra-red remote control working on my MythTV box
and can't find the correct module (ir-kbd-gpio)

So, can anyone tell me where I can find, or how I can compile the
ir-kbd-gpio.ko module. 

The module is part of the bttv video4linux driver but the ir-kbd-gpio.c
source file seems to be missing from the kernel source tree and the
module is not part of the debian kernel images.

The bttv 0.9.15 source tar (linux.bytesex.org) contains the file so I
guess I could just to compile the module from that but I'd prefer to do
it in a more Debian way if possible.

Newbie disclaimer: I've built my own nvidia module and compiled the
kernel once so I can follow instructions but I'm no guru.

Thanks in advance

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