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Bug#378682: initramfs-tools: Please add a check in mkinitramfs to stop script names causing panics.

On Tue, Jul 18, 2006 at 12:02:37PM +0100, Tim Phipps wrote:
> I created a script called /etc/initramfs-tools/scripts/nfs-bottom/retry-nfs.
> There were plenty of hyphens in the path leading to script name so I
> didn't think the name would be a problem. Imagine my suprise when I
> rebooted and got some cryptic messages and a "PANIC: Circular
> dependency".
> I turns out that the *_prereqs functions use the script names to
> construct varaibles so these script names must only contain [a-x0-9_].

documented in initramfs-tools(8)
> That's fine and I don't want you to include Perl so that it can handle
> any script name but could you add a check to mkinitramfs so that it
> aborts if you have any bad script names?

prereqs is scheduled to go soon most probably 0.71.
ordering will happen with name 05evms 10md 20lvm
reduces boottime and gratious busybox dependency.



ps concerning the mount and ntfsmount issue is will follow ubuntu and
use the former for 0.70.

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