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Bug#376771: kernel-image-2.4-sparc32 in unstable is not installable

On Tuesday 04 July 2006 23:20, Joey Hess wrote:
> An updated kernel-image-2.4-sparc32 was uploaded to stable and reached
> unstable since that version was newer than anyhing in unstable. The new
> version was for the -3 abi version of the kernel, which for sparc32,
> has for some reason not reached unstable/testing even though it is
> available in proposed-updates.

As I understand it this is an FTP master problem: since the implementation 
of NEW handling for p-u (around the time of the Sarge r2 release) there 
have been no syncs of any security updates from p-u to unstable/testing 
for any package.

> Either the version in proposed-updates should be added to unstable too,
> or a new version uploaded. Until this happens, sparc32 installs will
> not be possible (unless we finally get a 2.6 kernel that can support
> sparc32).

There is a 2.6 kernel that supports sparc32 (2.6.16) and e.g. daily 2.6 
netboot images are already available for sparc32. There are also d-i 
images for CDs based on 2.6, but these are not yet supported in debian-cd 
as adding them would break weekly CD builds.

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