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Re: 361024: and lack of feedback

On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 07:21:49PM -0700, Gordon Haverland wrote:
> Occasionally I get an email from someone who is reporting back to 
> many people, but in general I have gotten NO FEEDBACK on this bug 
> report!  It apparently wasn't reproducible to the person fielding 
> the bug report, but it is reproducible here.  I asked, what can I 
> do to send you info to fix this?  I get NOTHING!  Someone else 
> reports on setting LD_DEBUG=all and running things  I try this, 
> and get a HUGE output file.   So, I send in a minimal report on 
> this, and hear NOTHING!  A series of patched debs at 
> http://people.debian.org/~doko/tmp/ is suggested.  I download and 
> install those.  I get an error about cpp dependence, which I 
> report.  No comment on this cpp dependence!  And, if nothing 
> else, my system is even less usable than before.  Apt-proxy won't 
> run (TLS errors), and so I try to bring things back to only using 
> apt to get the various packages files and compare things.  I 
> still get tons of errors.  
> looking for me to give up on Debian?  Can't I get some feedback 
> as to what is happening?  I am not expecting miracles.  I would 
> like to help, if I can.  But it is just some bloody black hole 
> that I report to!
> Is the only option to upgrade to a 2.6 kernel?

Looking at the bug report it looks like there is lots of activity.
Hardly what I would call no response to anything.

Certainly TLS requires a 2.6 kernel.  If libstdc++6 requires TLS for
some reason, then it requries a 2.6 kernel.  That is probably a bug if
that is the case.

Len Sorensen

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