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Bug#361936: linux-source-2.6.16: inconsistent device detetion: eth0<=>eth1

On Tue, 11 Apr 2006 18:39:45 +0200 josh wrote:

> you know what...I don't have a ramdisk and the package initramfs-tools
> isn't even installed. I have a couple of tmpfs (mounted
> on /tmp /dev/shm and /dev), which in a way are ramdisks, which is
> what I thought you were refering to when I first replied (I assumed
> you had seen something in the dmesg that I had missed. after grep'ing
> a couple times I got suspicisous). I also don't have yaird installed.

Sorry - you are right (I am dead sure I read "yaird" just before
replying to your initial bugreport - must've been a fatamorgana...)

> maybe you should re-open the bug.

Ahem - ramdisk or not, the official Debian kernel is compiled with both
of your NIC drivers as modules, and I do not believe the kernel to
promise load order of modules.

If you insist there's a problem, then it must be with whatever tool you
use to load your modules.

I'd be happy to reopen and reassign if you can clarify which package
(officially packaged for Debian) you use to load modules for your
(officially packaged) Linux kernel.

In other words: Please provide more input on your setup (the already
provided boot messages does not tell much about that).

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

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