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Bug#348147: LVM-Crypt

Hadmut Danisch wrote:
So before mounting /root the initram needs to scan for RAID,
setup encryption, scan the LVM device and then mount / .

The first two are already there with the patch, i.e. regular scanning is first done (RAID, LVM, EVMS, etc) and encryption is then setup.

Currently, the setup decrypted device is expected to be the root partition, but it should be quite trivial to also as a filesystem check and possible lvm scan as well.

This is a separate issue though, as it requires (among other things) a patch to fstype from klibc (which I'll whip up and send upstream soon).

The above patch should therefore, IMHO, be commited independently of Hadmut's feature request (which I'll try to satisfy as well).


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