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Bug#358288: linux-image-2.6.16-1-686: Cannot load module acpi-cpufreq with 2.6.16 on ThinkPad X41

> Linux kernel version 2.6.16 broke cpufreq support for me. I can no
> longer load the module acpi-cpufreq, which means that software such as
> cpufreqd doesn't work.

I had the same problem on a MSI s260 (Medion version). Loading the
modules speedstep-centrino instead of acpi-cpufreq solved it for me.
Without being too much into it, I could imagine it hase something to do
with this patch: http://lwn.net/Articles/170568/

Especially the last part is interesting: "For Linux it means that on
systems which could run either the acpi-cpufreq or speedstep-centrino
drivers, only the (preferred) speedstep-centrino driver will load and
acpi-cpufreq will not load.  The possible side-effect is if somebody
configures only the non-preferred acpi-cpufreq, it will not load."

I hope this helps.

Apart from that: thanks a lot to the kernel maintainers that they got
2.6.16 so fast in debian! Great!


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