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Re: [2.6.16-rc6-686] mod/modpost broken - wrong architecture!

On Tue, Mar 14, 2006 at 07:51:49AM +0100, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.16-rc6-686/scripts/mod/modpost: ELF 32-bit MSB executable, PowerPC or cisco 4500, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.2.0, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped

There are some possible fixes for that problem, any of them needs a
rebuild of any binaries in the scripts directory:
- Build against shared glibc.
  Needs a rather complicated setup and needs to be uptodate with the
  debian glibc.
- Build against static glibc.
- Build against static dietlibc if possible.
  dietlibc is a small and static only libc. As it don't include any
  shared parts, the cross compile environment needs no complete
  bootstrap to use it.

Affected are currently my snapshots which are mostly cross compiled and
the m68k packages.


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