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Bug#354334: udev removal should remake initrd


maximilian attems wrote:
severity 354334 normal
tags 354334 +unreproducible

your report didn't contain enough information of how
initramfs-tools could have failed.

anyway latest initramfs-tools in unstable now handles lilo
and should work much better if timeouts were the trouble.

so please retest with latest initramfs-tools 0.56 and udev 0.087-2
from unstable, report back or may have soon to close your report.

My bug was about udev or initrd tools not clearing the initrd image or displaying a BIG warning that the user need to rebuild the initrd when he choose another initrd tools.

For example if I switch from initramfs-tools to yaird, nothing will tell me that I have to rebuild the initrd image before rebooting.

The fact that udev/initramfs-tools didn't work was another story. And I am sorry, but I can't retest this soon. IIRC there was missing udev script in the initrd image and sometimes udev failed to get /dev/console (or something like that).



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