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Bug#321409: Problems gone after changing hard drive

The first drive in my Inspiron 500m was the the included 4200 RPM
Hitachi drive.  It had the problems listed here.

I received a new identical drive from Dell, but the problems didn't
disappear.  This made me believe that the chipset was the source of this

Until now.  A couple of weeks ago I switched to a new 7200 RPM Hitachi
drive bought from a third party.  All DMA problems disappeared.

There can, as I see it, be two reasons for this:

1)  I received two faulty hard drives from Dell.
2)  The chipset had problems with the hard drive models I received from
Dell, but not with other drives.

I don't know which it is.  I had no problems with the "faulty" hard
drives when I tested them with other fairly equal computers (one year
older 500m and one year newer 510m).  Maybe a overly sensitive chipset?

Anyway, I'm just happy I have a working computer again.


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