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Re: Mediation not Politics (Re: removal of svenl from the project)

On Wednesday 15 March 2006 21:57, C Shore wrote:
> Abstract
> Sven is certainly not quiet, however from what I have seen of
> type of response his suggestions and posts get, he is justifiably
> frustrated.  I am personally surprised he hasn't gotten disgusted
> with the project and left, or greatly reduced participation, of
> his own volition, as others, most recently 'Joey', have done. 
> Perhaps it is for the same reason I will be helping with the
> debtags tagging (regardless of whether or not that can lead to
> being a dd), namely believing in the ideals of the Debian
> Project.
> Daniel

Good post, I agree totally, when a DD gets so frustrated with the 
project, and their only recourse is to leave, then something is 
wrong with the system.

In my other post I mentioned a few idea's that might be worth 
considering, but I was flamed and marked as a FUD spreader.  That's 
ok but their seems to be a lot of blaming the messenger going 
around lately. What people need to do is look inwards, and consider 
some of these idea's before shooting the messenger.  

Maybe a lot of developers need to swallow there pride and try to 
learn from others. 


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