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Re: timeline for next kernel update round

Frans Pop wrote:
> On Wednesday 15 March 2006 00:15, Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
> > The update is built and tested, it'll appear soon. It contains three
> > ABI changing security fixes, so the ABI will be bumped. I can't speak
> > for d-i.
> ABI changes are for both 2.6 and 2.4 kernel, correct? Or is the ABI change 
> only for the 2.6 kernel update?

Both, the 2.4 update includes fixes for CVE-2005-0449 and CVE-2005-2709,
which change the ABI.
> (BTW. Did you drop team@security.debian.org on purpose?)

By accident, my first reply was through Gmane, which for obvious reasons
doesn't carry a team@s.d.o newsgroup :-)


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