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Re: Bug#345067: My understanding of the IDE mess, and why it does not make sense to apply the proposed patch

For info, ...

It seems that i am to get blamed for everything that went badly after all, and
it is perfectly normal for jonas not to aknowledge the effort i put into
solving this issue, while he was just ignoring it and putting out random crazy
theories for not acting.

I am disgusted with how how jonas handled this, and i am not all so happy how
all others basically let this happen, and still see me as the evil flammer,
and jonas as the good guy, and nobody ever said a word to him about his

I lost many hours to investigate the issue, hours i could have used for RL
work instead, and that is all i get over this, i am sorry, and i did get
almost no support, except from two persons who will recognize themselves, so i
am leaving for some time now, as i have matters of personal nature to handle,
and all this frustration lost with so little return is not worth it.

Just an (anonymized) quote so as to show you that not everyone is blinded by
jonas and his shiny wiki-writing skills :

  00:06 <***> i had issues with jonas in his *** package long time
  ago and he is very difficult to talk about issues.

So, it has been nice to work on the kernel, but every time jonas got involved,
now, but also when i was working on the ramdisk generator issue, it quickly
degenerated into a disgusting flamewar. It may be partially my fault, but
please go over the events, and the irc logs if you keep them, and don't put
all the blame on me.

I hope to be able to help again in the (near) future with kernel packaging,
once i have time to lose again, and did overcome the personal issues, and
maybe by then people will not be so quick to blame me on everything.


Sven Luther

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