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Re: Bug#356850: initramfs-tools: upon udev upgrade, system becomes unbootable if using lilo

Adeodato Simó wrote:

>   when udev gets upgraded, the latest initram is regenerated via
>   udev's postinst.

This sounds to me to be a fundamentally bad idea. The current initrd
clearly works --- the system did, after all, boot --- why would you
want to regenerate it?

If there is some *really* good reason to regenerate it, why does only
the latest initrd need regenerating? Shouldn't they all? And doesn't
the admin need to be prompted, in case he needs to copy the image to a
floppy, burn it to a CD, etc.?

>   If using lilo, the system becomes then unbootable 
>   due to lilo needing to get rerun in order to ack the changed initrd.

Yep. It'd be nice if Debian had some way to handle
adding/removing/changing kernels for all bootloaders... I imagine
similar problems arise on other platforms, too.

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