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Bug#356544: No sound in sarge with kernel 2.4 of woody

Package: kernel-image-2.4-386
Version: 2.4
Hi Debian,
I am on an old laptop compaq armada 1592DT.
I installed woody 1 year ago and upgraded to Sarge stable 3 months ago.
On woody, I had the kernel 2.4 and I never got sound, I have only beeps on games
or on shell.
I installed modules in kernel from reading on internet but I'm too much a newbie
to understand.
I installed alsaconf but I had a problem with kernel-headers for my kernel
2.4.18-bf2.4 because that package kernel-headers  has been removed from stable.
I do not know what to do more to have sound.
I'm afraid to upgrade to a kernel 2.6 and do not know what will happen.
Thank you for your help
You will find files (lsmod, lspci, boot=dmesg, module.conf)
Best regards

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