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Bug#351685: udev storm: pcmcia CF adapter device file constantly deleted, recreated

On Mar 09, Bill Wohler <wohler@newt.com> wrote:

> I see this bug was moved to linux-2.6. However, there is also a udev bug
> #350235 filed for the same problem. While it appears there is a major
> udev component (the UI always gets the heat), it also appears to be a
> kernel component as well since a kernel oops was reported. Since this
Let's get the facts straight: this is not an udev bug, not even close.
udev just has a workaround to prevent it from triggering the first
kernel bug.
The first bug is the events loop caused by ide-cs and ide-floppy when
udev opens the block device, and the second bug is the oops which
happens after this.


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