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Re: My understanding of the IDE mess, and why it does not make sense to apply the proposed patch

On Thu, Mar 09, 2006 at 12:08:00AM +0100, Sven Luther wrote:
> Dear technical comittee members, ..
> First excuses for me going over the border yesterday, but as you will see the
> problem was as i first voiced it somewhen in november/december, and it is a
> bit difficult to handle this kind of situation when you are right, and people
> just ignore or bullshit you as it happened here, anyway, no more ranting and
> up to the technical solution of this issue.
> As quoted from http://wiki.debian.org/LinuxKernelIdeProblem, it is no clear
:s/no/now, obviously :)
> that ide-generic and via82cxxx to take only one example do exactly the same
> thing, and there is no way both could be needed at the same time, and in fact
> it is contrary, what do i say, anathema, to both the linux ide layer and the
> yaird design document, to even imagine that.
> As thus, the technical issue is solved, and the ramdisk generator tools should
> get fixed and revert the ugly hacks they included in the past 4 month, hacks
> which where dreamed up on a couple of non-fiable bug reports, without real
> understanding of the issues at hand.
> The social problem does remain, but i guess it is out of your hands.
> Again, sorry for having let my frustration take over me yesterday, i will try
> to not make it happen again, but i hope to get a bit more credit when i say
> things like that in the future.
> Friendly,
> Sven Luther

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