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jonas, you are being dishonest.

Jonas, ...

I am severly disapointed with you, and you are a liar by claiming that i
didn't hear your arguments, i did hear them, and when i tried to give mines,
you refused to continue the conversation. I remember well your arguments, and
they where nothing to be proud of, you basically claimed that :

  This indicates that you are talking about a single kernel build - the
  one provided by the kernel team, not powerpc kernels in general.
  I still suspect that your proposed fix, Sven, can hurt in cases other
  than the specific one you know and care about.

But when i tried to give you unequivocable proof that this could not be the
case, you wanted to cease the discussion, and where so vocal about it that we
where asked to leave the room.

So, basically, you told that you don't care about official kernels, and are
more interested in some hypothetical self-built kernel, but where not willing
to provide a single use-case where such a brokeness could happen.

And this is normal, since it is not possible for such a use-case to happen.
The ide-generic module is only needed on x86 to fall back in cases that the
normal module discovery didn't work. Since this is a legacy problem which
doesn't affect powerpc, there is no such problem on powerpc, and furthermore
since the debian kernels works just fine without ide-generic, there is no way
you can claim ide-generic is *NEEDED*.

And even if you where right about some hypothetical case where it breaks, you
would still be wrong in your above argument, because it is more important for
the official debian kernels to work on known hardware, and yaird was the
default back then for debian kernels, than to keep this broken situation for
some hypothetical scenario you where not even able to hint at involving
self-built kernels.

All in all, i believe i was right to escalate this to the technical comittee,
it is clear to me that you don't possess the honesty enough to discuss this
calmly, and try to deny any wrongness on your part even to the point of lying
about your own word and this discussion. It was bad enough when you insulted
me in public, but this is too much.

Sven Luther

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