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Re: [kernel] r6061 - dists/trunk/docs

On Sat, Mar 04, 2006 at 06:59:25PM +0000, maximilian attems wrote:
> +linux-2.6
> +~~~~~~~~~
> +The common source package linux-2.6 builds the various kernel images and
> +headers. All archs are supported with the current exception of
> +mips/mipsel. The shift to an unified package since the linux-2.6.12
> +release allows to ride latest upstream.
The most user visible change is the
renaming of kernel-image-2.6-$flavour into linux-image-2.6-$flavour. The
old version being left as transitioning package for upgrades from sarge.
> +                                        We expect more easier security
> +builds for the etch time frame too.

> +Latest upstream reaches unstable almost the day of it's release.
> +Experimental acts as staging area, where the -rcX kernels are build.  If
> +you want to be on the sliding edge Bastian Blank provides daily builds out
> +of the debian-kernel repository [1].

Linux 2.6
> +          features initramfs, which are gzipped cpio archives. They allow
> +to take over early boot. The handoff occures much earlier than with initrd
> +and ramfs is more memory efficient than older ramdisk.

I think this is too complicated.

Thank you for the work.


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