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Bug#341801: independent confirmation

Kevin Brown wrote:

> Could you test with the amd64-generic kernel to see if you get hangs
> with the on-board Promise controller and ethernet?  I was considering
> putting another couple of disks in mine but don't want to spend the
> cash if it'll just hang.

Well, I'm testing with the -k8 kernel, but the non-SMP version. And,
*ouch*, losing the second core hurts.... So... slow....

(ok, not really 'so.... slow....', that was the 2x PII-450 I had before
this system. But it still hurts)

[BTW: It appears trying `nosmp' on the latest 2.6.15 k8-smp kernel is a
bad idea, as it results in insmod panic'ing in the initrd]

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