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Bug#354458: Kernel panic after upgrading initramfs-tools/klibc-utils/libklibc


maximilian attems wrote:
Anyway, if my kernel image is going to be replaced, while it came from the linux-image package, does this mean that this kernel package should be rebuilt with the new initramfs or something?

i don't understand that question.
linux-image generates in postinstall the initrd.img with a preconfigured
set of initramfs generators for 2.6 that's initramfs-tools and yaird.
with initramfs-tools you just need to copy your boot to your new partition
tell your boot loader to make it bootable and it should work.

Ah, I thought the initrd image also came from the linux-image package.

hmm exact error messages always help.

so please retest or i can't do much about that report.

Well, before I tested I did another dist-upgrade (just got back from holidays), and this installed both a new kernel and a new initramfs-tools, and now I can just boot the kernel nicely. So, as far as I'm concerned the bug can be closed. I think regenerating the initrd. img would have worked, though, but I can't check that now.

Grtjs, Manuel

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