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Bug#353111: linux-image-2.6.15-1-sparc64-smp: 2.6.15 kernel can't find root disk /dev/sda1, won't boot

Blars Blarson a écrit :
Package: linux-image-2.6.15-1-sparc64-smp
Version: 2.6.15-4
Severity: grave
Justification: renders package unusable

2.6.15 kernel won't boot, can't find root filesystem.

Sun Ultra 2 UPA/SBus (2 X UltraSPARC-II 296MHz), No Keyboard
OpenBoot 3.7, 640 MB memory installed, Serial #8541926.
Ethernet address 8:0:20:82:56:e6, Host ID: 808256e6.

.... full log on request ....

udevd-event[3371]: run_program: exec of program '/lib/udev/udev_run_devd' failed
udevd-event[3372]: run_program: exec of program '/lib/udev/udev_run_devd' failed
Begin: Mounting root file system ...
Begin: Running /scripts/local-top ...
ALERT! /dev/sda1 does not exist. Dropping to a shell!

BusyBox v1.01 (Debian 1:1.01-4) Built-in shell (ash)
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

/bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off
/ #

I have got the same problem on sparc32 the other day. It looks like the problem is in initramfs-tools, as using yaird fixed the problem.

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