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Re: linux-2.6 - patch cleanup

On Tue, Feb 14, 2006 at 07:28:45PM +0100, Bastian Blank wrote:
> * powerpc-apus.patch
>   Unknown.

Well, merge is underway, takes time though, same status as the m68k patches i
believe, i am waiting for the ARCh=powerpc transition for pushing this one
more actively.

> * powerpc-build-links.patch
>   Debian specific.
> * powerpc-mkvmlinuz-support.patch
>   Debian specific.
> * powerpc-mv643xx-hotplug-support.patch
>   Unknown.

present in akpm's tree, not sure if merged yet or not.

> * powerpc-mv643xx-spinlock-fix-support.patch
>   Unknown.

backport i believe.

> * powerpc-prep-utah-ide-interrupt.patch
>   Unknown.

should be merged upstream, will investigate.

> * powerpc-serial.patch
>   Unknown.

Not merged upstream, powerpc-serial-of is the one which will be merged
upstream, but it needs porting prep boxes yet.

All in all, the powerpc patches need a serious cleanup in the 2.6.16-rc days,
in order to prepare for the ARCH=powerpc transition of the 32bit kernels, if
it is confirmed to be ready for 2.6.16 on all arches we support. Latest there
where problems for oldworld and prep, if i remember well.


Sven Luther

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