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Re: initramfs-tools vs yaird on a server

On Wednesday 15 February 2006 00:19, you wrote:
> But as I read bug#352654 it concerns defining the _root_ device (which
> to my knowledge is the only device ever defined in the GRUB menu.lst
> file, so choking on LVM _device_ names in GRUB shouldn't relate
> to /boot).

No it does not relate to /boot, but it _does_ relate to booting if you use 
initramfs as it relies on ROOT being set correctly in grub.

But if root is on LVM you will have something like
in grub. And that is exactly what 352654 is about.

Note that the original poster never said if he has a separate /boot or 
where his root is. He just says " grub no longer boots with LVM on RAID".
Depending on his setup, that could very well be 352654.

AIUI yaird does not read the ROOT variable set by grub, and so would not 
be affected, solving the issue.

This will be my last post in this thread. The original poster should now 
have enough info to sort things out for himself and follow up if he feels 
that's needed.


P.S. grub also sets the device where it expects /boot, but that is done in 
a slightly roundabout way; partly in menu.lst though.

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