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Bug#352753: udev: ide-generic no longer loaded on boot

tags + patch

Hi Marco,

We've done a debugging session today involving Otavio Salvadore (who also 
saw the issue), maks and myself.

There are two possible solutions, both involving modifications in

1) revert inclusion of *_id scripts
   Commenting out the three lines at the end of the current file lets the
   system boot again.
2) add 'copy_exec /lib/udev/ide.agent /lib/udev' at the end of the file
   Apparently some _id script calls ide.agent and this makes sure
   ide-generic is loaded at the correct time.

An lsmod after both boots shows ide-generic loaded after the piix driver, 
AFAIK this is correct.

The second solution has our preference.
Basically ide.agent does the same as what's currently in
/usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-premount/ide (which could probably 
be cleaned now).

The comment at the top of the ide.agent seems to imply that this whole 
ide-generic issue will be fixed in 2.6.16 kernels, which would be great.

With my d-i release manager hat on, I would suggest uploading -5 with this 
fix at MEDIUM urgency. I would be very unhappy with -4 in testing in the 
middle of preparing for D-I Beta2. I will make sure that udev gets into 
testing before the final build for Beta2.

One other thing.
With the patch applied, most errors that are shown with -3 are gone (there 
were screens full of them!), but I still get 2 times the following error 
on the console during a boot:
   (...) exec of program /etc/initd.d/hdparm failed

IMO it would be good to suppress such messages as, in my experience, they 
will only lead to unnecessary installation and bug reports.
maks suggested to re-add the "silence_exec_error" patch for Beta2 and 
maybe come back to this issue after that?

Frans Pop

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