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Bug#328534: Adaptec 2005S Hangs ping2

Ken Hillier wrote:
maximilian attems wrote:
tags 328534 moreinfo
severity 328534 important

please add requested further info about status with latest 2.6.14
or 2.6.15-rcX from experimental using initramfs-tools.


I have to schedule a transition of the system in question. The system in question is currently being used for media streaming testing running windows. I will attempt reinstalling the latest 2.6 kernel with both yaird and initramfs-tools when I can free up the resource I am hoping this weekend.
2.6.15-3 and 2.6.15-4 work with what appears to be 0.51 version of initramfs-tools. An earlier version does not work, and the current testing version of yaird does not work. When yaird updated it did something to initramfs-tools, broke it. I am not sure what sequence of events happened, but I installed initramfs-tools and 2.6.15-3 installed fine. I updated the system, which had a yaird upgrade, later updaing the kernel, only to run into the same error message. I had to re-install initramfs-tools, and for some reason it was at 0.47 or something, which didn't work. With the upgrade to 0.51 version, everything is working again.

Since this system is now functional with a recent kernel version I will be running it as is with initramfs-tools instead of yaird at this time, and letting the system stabilize. Let me know if there is something else I can do. thank you for your help.

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