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We should really minimize unnecessary "build as root" requirements

reassign 351412 linux-2.6


        When the mkvmlinuz_support_install target is called by
 make-kpkg, setting the proper permissions is take care of by
 make-kpkg at a later stage, so there is no need to call this target
 as root.

        If this target is called directly by a human, then the OS
 shall take care of permissions --- either the destination is
 writeable by the user, or not. Nominally, the command shall fail
 unless the user is root, which is how a make install at the top level
 works as well. Once the user is root, the installed files would have
 the proper permissions.  Also, there is no real requirement, apart
 from policy, that the pwnership be root:root; and if you build using
 make-kpkg, policy requirements shall be satisfied without
 mkvmlinuz_support_install target assuming it is run as root. 

        The user may have chown'd /lib/modules
 to a non-root user, in that case, requiring root would be
 incorrect -- since the home user is not constrained by policy.

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