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Re: Bug#351692: mips-tools doesn't build on powerpc and hppa

Frans Pop a écrit :
On Monday 06 February 2006 22:25, Martin Michlmayr wrote:

architecture.mk convert the architecture name in case the name in
Debian and the name in the kernel tree is different, which is the
case for powerpc (ppc), and hppa (parisc).

Manoj, maybe you can take a look at the build failures on powerpc and
hppa at

I seem to remember that this was restructured fairly recently by Sven for official kernel builds. Apparently it was not taken into account that other packages might use the same files...

I would guess that mips-tools will need to adapt to the new setup.

Well mips-tools is only calling make-kpkg, that should work with both old and new kernels. Moreover the change Sven has done only concerns powerpc, not hppa.

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