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Bug#346543: udev netlink problems with kernel 2.6.15 on alpha

Since I updated to latest udev (testing) and linux-image-2.6.15-1-alpha-generic version 2.6.15-3 (will try 2.6.15-4 next time I reboot this machine) it seems to work without errors. In upstream were a lot of changes to netlink code, so it could be that it was a kernel bug that only appeared in the alpha architecture.

For a short time my udev-fixup script was run too late in my rcS.d (because latest udev changed to order of init-script-loads) and nevertheless it worked, so I realized that it was fixed.

Please do not close the bug, I try it again without any fixup script (that sets the sysctls) and the latest kernel and close the bug then.


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