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Re: Bug#347933: 2.6.15-2-686: kernel BUG at fs/inode.c:252

tags 347933 + help

#include <hallo.h>
* Maximilian Attems [Tue, Jan 24 2006, 10:04:56PM]:

> once your kernel is tainted good luck in debugging such a piece.
> it is _not_ in debian's interest to support out of the tree driver,
> especially proprietary ones.

Good morning Mr. DPL (oh, sorry, I mean Mr. Unassigned Applicant), here
is your mission:

Step out into the world to teach that damn non-free supporting bastards
the word of the Lord of Free Software, make them know The Real Virtues
of the Great Debian Distribution and understand The Real Meaning Of
Live. Amen.

<stockholm> Overfiend: why dont you flame him? you are good at that.
<Overfiend> I have too much else to do.

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