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Bug#343417: Several crashs in many machines.

Package: kernel-image-2.4.27-nubus
Version: 2.4.27-11

When the kernel start to get some memory that was swapped, the
application that it need that memory almost in 90% of times will crash
when the quantity of memory it need is more than 30 megabytes of swapped
memory, causing illegal instructions (sig 4),or segfaults.Not mattering
the application (even Xserver, and init), when the system is in heavy
load (not so heavy) the app crash.

Sorry so much for my english, Im reporting that has occuring in more
than 1 year.

The machines crashing are all Macintosh Performas 5200 and 6300 series
(including others like 5215CD and 6320, not the 6360 that is PCI), tests
were made in several conditions of memorys and hard drives, the
distribution (Debian) in unimportant, MkLinux and MkLinux Mach Kernels
also crashing. I will try debug the kernel (with my short devel
knowledge), and report if I get something.

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