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Setting up a server with sarge: Which kernel to use?

I would like to set up a kernel with sarge. But I do
not know if there is a kernel available which has all
the necessary security fixes?
The precompiled kernel images of sarge all seem to be
last updated before
the release of sarge. The same goes with the
kernel-source (both 2.4.27 
and 2.6.8). And there does not seem to be a Security
Advisory regarding 
sarge kernels.
Grapping a recent vanilla kernel (e.g. from
http://www.kernel.org/ does not seem to be an option
either, as the kernel developers recommend not to use
a vanilla kernel in a production environment, but to
use a distribution kernel: 

Did I miss the location for updated Kernels? Or is the
use of sarge on a internet connected machine not an
option any more and one has to use sid or
Best regards,


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