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Bug#341392: kernel BUG at mm/slab.c:1807!

On Tuesday 06 December 2005 05:23, Jurij Smakov wrote:
> It's not kernel's fault. I have just booted the 2.6.14 off today's
> sid_d-i daily netinst, and it has the bug. The bug appears because the
> af_unix_init function is invoked twice, and it normally should not
> happen. This function is the init function for the unix domain socket
> driver, which we have recently started compiling into the kernel, so
> that the corresponding module (unix.ko) is no longer shipped in kernel
> packages. It is not present in linux-image-2.6.14-2-{386,686} packages
> (version 2.6.14-4) as you can easily check. However, somehow this
> unix.ko module ends up in the installer initrd anyway, as
> /lib/modules/2.6.14-2-386/kernel/net/unix/unix.ko

Good catch Jurij.

This looks to be a serious bug in kernel-wedge as it seems a module from a 
previous kernel version is included when that module is not present for 
the kernel version for which udebs are being built.

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