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Bug#340344: yaird: Fail to create initrd on s390/s390x

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 02:49:03AM +0100, Ivan Warren wrote:

> The build went ok.. however, here is what I get :
> deb390-1:/tmp# /home/ivan/local/sbin/yaird -v -o junk.img
> yaird: goal: template, prologue (/home/ivan/local/etc/yaird/Default.cfg:52)
> yaird: action: prologue,  {}
> yaird: goal: module, fbcon (/home/ivan/local/etc/yaird/Default.cfg:56)
> yaird: goal: mountdir, / (/home/ivan/local/etc/yaird/Default.cfg:143)
> yaird error: unsupported device required: dasda (fatal)

Could you test a corrected version?

- cd yaird.bzr
- bzr pull			# get update
- grep dasd perl/Plan.pm	# oops, that was missing
- make install			# rest as before


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