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Bug#337724: Patch the patched please.

On Sun, Nov 06, 2005 at 10:53:50PM +0100, Marco Amadori wrote:
> The maintainer of dmraid, Fillippo, could please give us which modules are not  
> needed by dmraid from the below list:
> "raid0", "raid1", "raid10", "dm-mirror", "linear", "faulty"

excluding dm-mod which is needed by dmraid, I think none of the above modules is
needed by dmraid which does all the trickery by itself. However I'm CC'ing Heinz
Mauelshagen which is the author of dmraid just to be sure this is correct.

Note also that dmraid links to libdevmapper so you may want /lib available as
soon as possible.

Filippo Giunchedi
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