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Bug#333776: linux-2.6: vfat driver in 2.6.12 is not properly case-insensitive

tags 333776 -unreproducible moreinfo

Hi Horms,

On Fri, Oct 14, 2005 at 11:32:18AM +0900, Horms wrote:
> Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce this problem with current sid
> using linux-image-2.6.12-1-686-smp 2.6.12-10

> I created a partition using:

> $ dd bs=1024 count=1024 if=/dev/zero > /tmp/vfat.img
> $ mkdosfs /tmp/vfat.img
> $ mount -o loop /tmp/vfat.img /mnt/tmp/
> $ mount
> [snip]
> /tmp/vfat.img on /mnt/tmp type vfat (rw,loop=/dev/loop0)

> And then ran the tests you list above, and they all
> worked the way I would expect on a case insensitive
> file system, that is rather differently to what
> you have above.

> Can you cook up a test case that breaks? 
> Perhaps my mkdosfs is crating something that
> works, where as you have a fs created slightly
> differently?

Ok, I can confirm that this is not reproducible using your above test case.
The missing variable appears to be that I am mounting my partition using
-oiocharset=utf8.  If I use -oisocharset=iso8859-1 (the default), the mount
behaves in a case-insensitive manner, but of course I don't want filenames
to be shown as ISO8859-1 in userspace..

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