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2.6.13, experimental and 2.6.14-rc ...


I have just been thinking about something this morning.

We apparently need to wait for 2.6.13 to be uploaded for some time yet for the
debian-installer beta release to happen. So, i wondered if we would not be
better off by forgetting about 2.6.13, and make a 2.6.14-rc upload to
experimental asap, and work on that for a while, while keeping 2.6.12 in
etch/unstable ? This would allow to perfection the initramfs-tools/yaird
migration and then come up with a 2.6.14 upload the day of the upstream
release hopefully.

Anyway, i will be away and probably netless the next week, so i just wanted to
throw out the idea about this before i leave.


Sven Luther

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