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general kernel help

I understand this is a list for experts, but would nevertheless be grateful for an answer for what must seem a dumb question to most of you:

A while ago I posted the problem, that my old kernel 2.4.20-xfs installed by Knoppix 3.2 could do sound for my card using OSS, but not mount USB-devices comfortably. My new kernel 2.6.12-1-686 installed by Synaptic from Debian testing can do the mounting, but not the sound, and I havn't been able to get it to work even using the suggestions from this list.

I have neither the hardware nor the experience nor the motivation required to compile my own kernel.

Is it possible to get a ready-made kernel which will do both USB and sound via OSS. I know the present Knoppix kernel would do this, but how to transfer the kernel from Knoppix to my Debian system? I understand that the kernel is not just the 1.4 MB file vmlinuz, but about 50 MB all sorts of files in various places which must all fit together. So too complicated to do manually.

Or should I just get a different sound card?

Theo Schmidt

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