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Bug#330402: mention cpu-freq and ACPI throttling are different

Package: linux-doc-2.6.12
Version: 2.6.12-2
Severity: wishlist
Tags: upstream

Gentlemen, Documentation/cpu-freq/user-guide.txt.gz,
and the relevant Documentation/*/*/*ACPI*/ document (that I cannot
find), should both emphasize that
while appearing to describe the same thing, the e.g., same eight
steps, etc., are apparently independent of each other.

One finds that a process that took 1 second will take 7 seconds when
choosing the lowest cpufreq step. Choosing the lowest throttling step
on the other hand causes that process to take 14 seconds!
And combining both cpufreq and throttling causes it to take much
longer. All these phenomena should be explained.

(I used
$ time seq 999999|wc -c>/dev/null )

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