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Bug#329355: Kernels compiled from kernel-source-2.4.27 can't boot on x86_64.

severity 329355 important

On Wed, Sep 21, 2005 at 07:07:52PM +0300, Nikos Ntarmos wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 21, 2005 at 04:59:03PM +0200, Maximilian Attems wrote:
> > why can't you use the 2.6 kernel image?
> I've been having problems with a SiI3112 card in a server I'm trying to
> setup. I've filed a bug with the kernel's bugzilla (bug id: 5279), since
> this is almost instantly reproducible with both distribution and
> upstream kernels.
> This is not the first time I use a SiI3112 controller though; I've at
> least one more computer that has this chip and does really well, even
> under high loads. The difference is that the latter computer runs a
> 2.4.x kernel. I've google'd around quite a bit the last few days, only
> to see that people are having tons of issues with this controller and
> 2.6 kernels, so I thought I'd switch back to a 2.4 one; this is going to
> be a production system, so stability is much more important to me than
> speed or anything.

would be nice to have had that info in the initial bug report.
that's why i asked? :)
> The reason why I filed this bug report is that IMO there is no reason in
> having a package available for download and installation when it can't
> be of any use, all of this without letting people know that they can't
> do anything with it. Of course, there is a (small) possibility that I've
> done something wrong with my build system, in which case I apologize for
> the noise. However, I strongly believe that that's not the case. Even
> so, I suggest that these things be at least documented or something.

anyway please cool down x86_64 was not a sarge released arch.
therefor setting the severity to important.

anyway thanks for pointing out the patch which breaks for the x86_64 arch.
guess horms (2.4) and fs (amd64) will pick that up.


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