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Re: Sound no longer works with kernel 2.6.12

On Wed, Sep 21, 2005 at 11:11:53AM +0200, Theo Schmidt wrote:
> I've updated my kernel from an old 2.4.20 kernel originally installed by 
> Knoppix 3.2 to the 2.6.12-1-686 debian kernel installed by synaptic (debian 
> testing) and adjusting lilo.conf by hand. Now my sound no longer works 
> (/dev/dsp can't be opened). Using modconf on both kernels I see the same 
> modules switched on: soundcore, sound, uart401, and ad1848. The 2.4 kernel 
> also uses cs4232. With the 2.6 kernel, I can't switch this on: first there is 
> a window asking for "Kommandozeilen Argumente", and then, having no idea what 
> to put in there, an error message saying that the module can't be activated.
> I suppose this could be the error, as the sound card is an onboard Crystal 
> CS4232. 
> I know a bit about Linux but almost nothing about kernels, having only once 
> before replaced one (and found this difficult) and never compiled one, so I'm 
> a kernel newbie. Much of the documentation on kernels is above my head.
> Can somebody tell me in simple terms what I might do:
> How to install the driver cs4232?

have you alsa installed? (alsa-base, alsa-utils)
> Is it perhaps missing in the new kernel?
> Find a newer kernel which does have this?
> By the way, the reason I updated kernels at all was that the old one could not 
> mount USB devices with pmount.

try alsaconf as root.

previous mentined 2.4 kernel is a security nightmare.


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