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Bug#328884: Transitional packages using 'kernel-' prefix should be used for a while

Package: linux-2.6


I got snippy at the maintainer of udev earlier today because I didn't
see any kernel-image-2.6.12-* packages in my friendly neighborhood
Debian repository or on any other one I could find, yet current versions
of udev require 2.6.12 or better.  While using "linux-" as a prefix is
probably more appropriate than using "kernel-", not everyone keeps up on
package naming conventions.  When individual software packages get
renamed, there are usually transitional packages that stick around for a
while.  Please create dummy packages named


That depend on the linux-* packages so that people know what's going on.
It'd be best to do this for a few more revisions, if at all possible.


Mike Hicks <hick0088@tc.umn.edu>

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