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Bug#328324: please build powerpc64 kernel with tg3 support

A. Maitland Bottoms wrote:
> I think I'll just try building out of the linux-2.6 Debian source package.
> Where is the svn for Debian's linux-2.6 kernel tree?

http://svn.debian.org/ , Project "kernel".

> I'd like to run
> svn blame to see where the changelog line came from:
>    - readdition of tg3 driver, as firmware license has been fixed.
> Maybe that wasn't quite right.

Tg3 is built for most other architectures.

> I think that your interpretation of the
> fix in firmware license is that it improves the situation from undistributable
> to non-free distributable.
> So, perhaps this bug needs to be reassigned to linux-26, and retitled to
> "non-free content in kernel source packages in main should be removed (again)".

Or probably "re-enable tg3 for powerpc and arm".


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