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Re: changelog format

Horms wrote:
>>>Notice that the [<author>] part will probably become a standard all among
>>>debian as dch enforces it, so maybe it is worthwhile thinking about it. 
>>Yes, perhaps I should be attacking the root of the problem.  See #326064.
>>Perhaps discussion of this is a bit premature until we hear back from the
>>devscripts people.  Or perhaps we should avoid using dch, or provide our
>>own version of dch..
> I think going against the dch flow would be difficult.

note that disabling "multimaint" in dch is easy, just set
DEBCHANGE_MULTIMAINT="no" or dch --nomultimaint.  I would love to see
the reached consensous about changelog in README.changelog or something.

filippo, with his devscripts' co-maint hat on

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